Since June 2020, Aspen Gymnastics has maintained a safe environment with strict COVID protocols in place in accordance with city and county mandates. These protocols will continue to be practiced to ensure the safety of our participants, coaches and community.

  • All gymnasts are required to arrive with a bag or backpack, large enough to hold all personal items, including jackets, hats, shoes, clothing etc.  Also, be sure to include a personal water bottle and hand sanitizer.
  • DO NOT bring your child to gym if you or anyone in your family is displaying one or more symptoms of COVID-19.

  • DO NOT bring your child to gym if they have been in direct contact with anyone who has recently shown symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive.

    If any of the above occur shortly after your child has already attended class,

  • please contact us ASAP at 970-379-9813 or, 

  • so we can take the appropriate action.

    Please also be aware that there are no make ups for missed classes.


    Fever or chills

    Shortness of breath

    difficulty breathing

    Muscle or body aches
    New loss of taste or smell
    Sore throat
    Congestion or runny nose
    Nausea or vomiting

Thank you all so much for your support and effort in keeping the kids involved with the Aspen Gymnastics program. It’s our privilege to work with your kids! We will continue to be vigilant in this next phase.


John, Drew, Kris, Charlie, Bella, Carlie and Liza



  1. Registration will be taken ONLINE ONLY.
  2. Before requesting a class, you must first set up a family account. A credit card must be saved on file in order to request a class.
  3. Your class request MUST first be approved by our staff.  Your class request will come to us and we will notify you of the status of your request.
  4. You will be required to pay by credit or debit card.
  5. Billing is on a monthly schedule. Charges are processed approximately between the 7th and 14th day of the month that is in session.
  6. Once registered, you will be on automatic payments and your spot in the class is secured every month until YOU DROP THE CLASS.
  7. If you intend on not continuing with the class it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to drop the class either by an official drop request or by sending an email to by the first of the month or you will be charged.
  8. Drop ins and make ups are not available at this time

How To Request A Class

When you are ready to register, follow these steps...

  1. Make sure you are using up-to-date, grade-A web browser - namely: Chrome or Firefox.  
  2. Existing members login to your account.  New members create an account.
  3. You will be prompted to enter all of the following information before requesting a class:
    • Enter email and set up password.
    • Enter your name and information.
    • Read and check all boxes on the policies page.
    • Enter automatic payment information. (must use a credit or debit card)
    • Enter student info.
  4. The only way to request or register for a class from the course offerings list is to email

You will be notified by email if your class request has been accepted. Please check your junk/spam folder. If accepted, payment will be processed between the 7th to 14th day of every month of the month you are enrolling for, unless you are registering mid-month.


How To Drop A Class

If you wish to drop a class you must do so before the first day of the month you wish to drop or you will be charged for that month.

Here's how...

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on "My Account".
  3. Click on "Students"
  4. Click on "Enrollments"
  5. Click on "Drop Request".
  6. Enter the last day of the month in which you are currently enrolled as the drop date.
  7. DONE. If you have problems, email your drop request info to
Aspen Gymnastics - making your gymnastics dreams come true!

- Liza Bakken

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